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I often work to commission drawing Wildlife and Pets mostly, but if preferred I can draw anything else such as Flowers & Plants and Architecture, and even People.

Usually I work from several photos at once. If possible at least one photo of your pet should be as close as possible filling the whole frame and as clear as possible. Preferably 7" x 5" Photo or larger

Unfortunately, I realise some photos of your pet may be out of focus for various reasons and it may not be possible to take any more to make them clearer, so as long as the photos aren't too small and extremely blurred I would be able to draw your pet this isn't as easy to do and does take a lot of concentration in order to get it right.

I send regular updates via email, so that you can be kept involved with the progress of your drawing, this has been valued by all of the people who have commissioned me to do a drawing for them, especially if it's of their own pet. Contact Claire

Progress Photos

Alfie Photo Montage

These are a series of progress photos I took when I was doing a drawing a customers 'Border Terrier'. I usually take photos as I go to show the person who's commissioned me to do the drawing, how it's going.
Work in Progress

Work in Progress

This Leopard is a work in progress, I've been working on it for quite a while now, it's very different to other drawings I've done, just because of the size, it's a lot larger than I've been used to.