Sketchbook & Pencil Lines

Pencil Lines

Welcome to my first sketchbook & Pencil update, at the moment I'm not sure how to start it, having never done this before, so here goes. A lot of my blogs will be about wildlife, drawings & all things nature and how they inspire me in my artwork, there will be some other talk about's and updates from time to time, hopefully you'll enjoy reading them and looking at the images that go with them.

Fun Bun and Friend (white)

Fun Bun and Friend

Meet 'Fun Bun' and his friend, he's one of my practice sketches drawn on my iPad, he's one of those characters you draw once and can't redraw in the same way if accidentally deleted, so I've made sure he's in one or two folders in different apps. Drawing on an iPad is totally different exercise to drawing on paper (which I must admit I do prefer), but it's always good to try out different mediums and surfaces to challenge the creative mind, it's fun too.


Watercolour and Pencil Feathers

I'm in the process of drawing a couple of Macaws, so I thought I'd try some different techniques for drawing the feathers, in this sketch I've tried a variety of methods, using watercolour pencils, polychromos pencils (which are oil based) and graphite pencils.

Daisies drawing


I drew these daisies in one of my sketchbooks, it was drawn from memory so may not be accurate to life, but I like them and enjoyed drawing them. I then adapted the drawing to be decorative, for my website, as an experiment to see what it would look like blending into the background colour.


Flower Practice sketch on my iPad
Pencils and Flowers

’Nature in Pencil’

Pencils and Flowers 2

I drew these Dog Roses climbing up and wrapping themselves around the pencils originally as a sign for when I do exhibition’s and craft market’s, this is part of the sign that relates to the title of my website, the rest of it still needs to be completed.

Blueberry Bun

Blueberry Bun

This is ‘Blueberry Bun’ my house rabbit, he’s very funny at times, it’s lovely having him as a house rabbit interacting with me, he comes running up to me when I come into the room, he’s got so much bunkinality (personality to you).
I originally drew him partly because I wanted to, but also because I needed a new design as a Christmas card, I know he’s not very Christmasy but people don’t seem to mind these days, they also like to collect my cards as well.


iPad Doodles

As you can see from the start of this blog, I absolutely love Rabbits.
I know there are quite a few rabbits on my first blog but they were mainly to find out about positioning of the images, rather than concentrating on just the written content. Three of the images are ones I’ve been trying out on my iPad, and although some aren’t my usual style, I want to add a bit of humour to my blogs as well, so I thought I’d use them.
I can’t tell you I won’t show anymore Rabbits... so I won’t.

iPad doodle flower

iPad doodle flower (blue)

This Flower is another iPad doodle exploring different shapes and filling them with colour. I enjoy doing this type of artwork.